Ages: (3 – 6 years)

Our Primary Program follows the Montessori tradition of multi-age classrooms organized into three-year age groupings. Our children will feel the community atmosphere where kindness and respect are encouraged as they teach and learn from one other as well as a highly qualified and experienced Montessori teacher. Five main areas of study are introduced in the Primary Classroom.

  • Practical Life: These activities and materials support children’s independence, responsibility, and self-discipline. Simple exercises include polishing, sewing, folding, and washing. These activities encourage fine motor skills as well.
  • Language: Introduction to letter formation and sounds using methods such as sand paper letters, matching exercises, and reading boxes. Children in the Primary class will become enthusiastic about discovering reading and writing skills through a multitude of activities for language development.
  • Sensorial: In this area, children use their senses to explore their physical environment. The sensorial materials provide the children hands-on exploration of materials designed to enhance their discrimination and understanding of size, texture, color, sound, forms, relationships, and more.
  • Mathematics: Math manipulative materials focus on the concrete to clarify abstract math concepts. These methods allow the children to manually explore and better visualize and understand the logic behind the concepts.
  • Culture: This area incorporates various subjects such as geography, history, biology, zoology, and music to enhance the children's global perspective. Children explore the world in which they live through the use of globes, maps, landforms, and more. They learn about the world’s inhabitants through the study of plants and animals. Children are introduced to the arts through song, dance, and art-based activities. We encourage learning about different cultures through literature, art, music and particularly sharing our own family traditions.  We value the diversity in our community.