Ages: (18 months – 3 years)

The Toddler Program is designed to guide the 18-months to 3-year old child in his or her quest for independence. The Toddler Program is a wonderful place to begin what Dr. Montessori called, "an education for life." Toddlers are encouraged to develop their individuality and self-confidence in a secure setting through purposeful movement and exploration under the  respectful guidance of a trained and certified Montessori Toddler teacher. Five main areas of study are introduced in the Toddler Classroom.

  • Practical Life: These activities and materials support children’s everyday life skills. Simple exercises such as pouring wet/dry material and spooning content from one container to another encourage children to become independent and establish good work habits.
  • Language: Children’s vocabulary grows through casual conversation, songs, stories, and poems. A variety of resources are also available such as models, labels, and photos.
  • Sensorial: Toddler children learn through using their senses. Children can explore the physical world around them through sensory work.
  • Mathematics: Using concrete materials and hands-on methods, children are introduced to math concepts such as geometric shapes, numbers, and sizes.
  • Culture: We introduce culture through a variety of art, music, photos, and simple lessons in geography, zoology, and botany.